• We are currently working with NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Wiltshire Council to deliver a pilot providing an integrated rapid health and social care response for service users in crisis in their own home. Our Simple Point of Access assesses and coordinates support for service users and deploys our Mobile Response Service, within one hour from receipt of referral. Our Responders actively support patients in the short term and broker on-going support from local health and social care providers. Initially the pilot focussed on admission avoidance but has now been expanded to facilitate hospital discharge.

    As a result of the project, we have been shortlisted for the Health Investors Community Provider of the Year Award 2014. 

    For further information on this service please click here

  • about us

    about us

    The Medvivo Group philosophy is service driven. By working in partnership with other organisations to deliver integrated end-to-end services, patients experience the highest quality care against a backdrop of significant cost savings to the NHS.
    vision & values

    vision & values

    Medvivo believes that it is the patient’s right to be able to feel safe and healthy enough to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. We pride ourselves on the level and quality of service we provide to our service users - they remain central to everything we do.
    the team

    the team

    We are proud to have an experienced, diverse team who are committed to providing an efficient, high quality service. This includes our innovative development team, responsive technical team and our dedicated clinical team who have years of experience in the field and are committed to caring for patients and empowering them to have the confidence to self-manage their condition.


    We work in partnership with a number of healthcare and technology providers who provide complimentary services and products to further support our mission to provide first-class integrated healthcare. This includes promoting the benefits and conducting research identifying the effects that telehealth has on person’s life.
  • Our experienced clinical team are dedicated to embodying care and empowering independence.

    Want to save £300 per patient per month?

    Saved 170 bed days in January alone...

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Integrating Heath and Care: Teleheath, Telecare, Out of Hours, Access to Care

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Who are we? What do we do?

Integrating health and care - future of delivering care

case study

the portsdown group case study

The Portsdown Group Case Study is looking at the cost-effectiveness of a comprehensive telehealth intervention. For the latest findings and more about the study check out the link below.

View our Portsdown Case Study

Telehealth in Dorset

How Medvivo's HomePods are changing lives

This snapshot into the telehealth service being provided in Dorset has been produced by The Dorset CCG

SurgeryPod Upgrade

Exciting new upgrade steams ahead!

An exciting new software upgrade for the Medvivo SurgeryPod is currently being rolled out to existing users. This upgrade includes new languages, protocols and a massively improved user interface. 

To learn more click here  

Medvivo CQC Report

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. In April 2012, all organisations providing OOH Primary Care became legally responsible for making sure they meet essential standards of quality and safety, and must be registered with the CCQC

Please click the document to view the report...


Telehealth is usually used to describe a service that uses telecommunication technology to monitor people’s health in their home environment. A number of vital signs, traditionally measured during a face to face consultation can be measured remotely. Examples include blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, temperature and weight. There is a tendency to regard a telehealth as the equipment or technology used for the monitoring – this is far from the truth. In many ways the overarching model and, in particular, the way in which the data from the technology is managed is far more important. Delivering an effective telehealth service necessitates the re-design of existing care pathways and the introduction of a robust clinical monitoring service.
Different telehealth services will vary, but essentially they are based around the same principles and infrastructure:
Developing a Business Case, Pathway re-design, Identifying suitable patients, Prescribing Telehealth, Installation, The technology, The Patient’s experience, Monitoring data, Dealing with alerts, Measuring outcomes.


Telecare is a service that uses a combination of alarms, sensors and other equipment to help people live independently. This is done by monitoring activity changes over time and will raise a call for help in emergency situations, such as a fall, fire or a flood.

Long Term Condition

Telehealth can be a cost effective solution to improve the quality of care, reduce the number of bed days and improve the overall prognosis for patients with Long Term Conditions.

Medvivo provides a person-centred solution for the management of Long Term Conditions. We have developed our own specialist software solution which can be easily adapted to meet patient specific needs. Our nurse specialists provide clinical support services that complement our telehealth products and we work in partnership to define clinical responsibility without being prescriptive in how clinicians treat their patients.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) are the Long Term Conditions that have been identified as being particularly suited to clinical management combined with telehealth. People with these conditions are the most likely to have unplanned hospital  admissions which are potentially avoidable if monitored at home.  Our solution enables the management of co-morbidities as the system can be easily adapted for individual patient needs.

Telehealth Solutions

Medvivo was formed in 2013 from two experienced health and technology companies - Telehealth Solutions and Wiltshire Medical Services.

Telehealth Solutions was well-known in the health technology sector as being on the cutting edge of technology innovation. The HomePod telehealth device is deployed across the UK to support people living with Long Term Conditions such as COPD and heart failure.

Wiltshire Medical Services provided a number of services across Wiltshire, including Out of Hours, a Single Point of Access, Telecare and responders.

Together, Medvivo is clinically led and provides high quality services enabling people to live independently at home by meeting their health and care needs.