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Remember to say "Hello my name is"

24th January 2017

We are proud to support the "#hellomynameis" campaign and our staff wear their badges to serve as a reminder to introduce themselves whenever they come into contact with patients and service users.

The Founder of this campaign, Dr Kate Granger, launched the campaign following a hospital stay and her personal experience as a terminally ill cancer patient. Sadly Dr Granger passed away last year, but her campaign lives on and continues to gain momentum in her memory. 

During her hospital stay, Dr Granger found few staff introduced themselves. This led to feelings of isolation and loneliness, and that she was not being treated as a person.

Medvivo's Medical Director, Dr Jamie Brosch, explains: "I was particularly moved by the '#hellomynameis...' campaign and wanted to make sure we supported it through our network of healthcare professionals, clinicians and mobile carers. Every member of staff now has a badge which is worn with pride as we pledge to continue the great work Dr Granger started to ensure we're all providing truly person-centred care."

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Jamie continues: "Saying hello and introducing yourself to a patient is such a little thing to do, but it can have the biggest effect. It is much more than just making an introduction, it's a statement that says you care and you make a connection with that person that begins a therapeutic relationship built on trust."

It's important to say hello with meaning though and when making an introduction, consider:

  • Patient name - check you have the correct information and how they would like to be addressed
  • Tone of voice - make sure it expresses interest, respect and empathy
  • Pace and volume - check these are suitable according to patient needs
  • Jargon - avoid at all times
  • Non-verbal language - keep it open and positive, avoid crossing arms and legs
  • Personal space - ensure the patient is at ease
  • Eye contact - maintain this at a reasonable and comfortable level

After the interaction, summarise the outcome of the consultation or interaction and confirm what will happen next. It may be worth checking if there are any questions or if they have any concerns.

Communication, verbal and non-verbal, is essential for any relationship; and it all begins with a simple introduction, "Hello, my name is..."

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