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We provide GP Out of Hours Services for every person registered with a GP in Wiltshire. 

We were founded by two local GPs in 2004 and have been delivering services across Wiltshire ever since: we were awarded our current contract in April 2010, following a competitive tendering process.  

Our Urgent Care Contract describes a vision to deliver responsive, streamlined and integrated urgent care services ensuring people are managed by the right service, first time.

We are commissioned to deliver:

Out of Hours (OOH) Primary Medical and Dental Services.

Following triage, calls are passed to us from NHS 111 usually with a disposition assigned: this may include an appointment at a Primary Care Centre, a home visit by an experienced clinician or self-care advice. We offer PCC appointments at 6 bases across Wiltshire.   

Call handling and triage of dental calls is undertaken by NHS 111. Responsibility for treatment rests with us and is provided through formal subcontracting arrangements with the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Dental Access Clinics are available at various sites across the county.  

We also provide a Healthcare Professional Telephone Line which enables direct access to our service.


The importance of clinical leadership in setting the direction of an organisation, developing its culture, ensuring the delivery of high quality person-centred care and maintaining effective governance is well documented.

Our Executive Management Team includes clinicians from a wide variety of backgrounds, general practice, nursing, the ambulance service and the allied health professions. These roles provide clinical leadership to the workforce. In addition, each area of service delivery has its own Clinical Lead with responsibility for the day-to-day management of their team. This ensures that we maintain high clinical standards whilst facilitating the development of each member of each team. 


We have a large, highly skilled multidisciplinary team which prides itself on delivering an outstanding service to our patients and their families.  Being well cared for is not just about having the right clinical treatment, is so much more…..the timeliness of our response, the way you are spoken to and the level of dignity, privacy and respect you are treated with. 

We use a combination of GPs and Nurse Practitioners to deliver our face-to-face OOH service.  Most of our GPs are local, working in daytime practice in Wiltshire and its neighbouring counties.  Our Nurse Practitioners all have advanced clinical assessment, diagnostic and prescribing skills in addition to many of the practical skills often required during an OOH consultation.