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Special offer to celebrate the launch of the Friends and Family test on the Medvivo SurgeryPod

2nd March 2015

The Friends & Family Test is now available on the Medvivo® SurgeryPod and we have a special offer to celebrate.

Discounted price for new SurgeryPod orders received before the 21st March 2015!

Medvivo SurgeryPod Plus

  • Touchscreen computer
  • Medvivo SurgeryPod Software
  • A&D Arm In BP unit A&D Scales
  • Standard questionnaires and tests optimised against QOF
  • Choice of 6 languages
  • Privacy Kiosk
  • 1 year's annual suppport
  • FREE Friends and Family Test (usually £100)

£4999 +VAT (discounted from standard price £5645)

The Medvivo SurgeryPod allows doctors and nurses to best utilise their expertise and spend more quality time with their patients. Innovative technology securely and accurately records measurements and collects data and uploads them into your Practice Management System utilising the correct read codes. Alerts can be sent for any collected data that needs action by the surgery staff.SurgeryPod is a touchscreen device which is provided with a self-use blood pressure monitor and weighing scales.This means that it is simple to use for everyone and enables patients to take their own blood pressure and weigh themselves prior to their appointment.This saves clinicians' time and helps GP Practices to gather important information about their patients.

  • Effortlessly Collect QOF Points
  • Increase your Productivity
  • Improve your Efficiency
  • Give Greater Patient Choice
  • Fully Integrated with EMIS and SystmOne

"This solution is ideal, as efficiency is improved via automatic data collection and the patient is offered an active role in their own healthcare"

Practice Manager

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